Dmitry Morozov artistDmitry Morozov’s images of ink flowing in neutral white space capture the physical formation of the suspended material and also generates a profound inquisitive and emotional response from the viewer. Morozov traces the ink’s formal journey from action to stillness, expressing the ephemeral quality of an organic composition.

The moment the ink takes flight and the moment it fades into oblivion is analogous to the delicate cycle of life and death. Morozov believes in paying homage to simple things that reveal hidden complexity. The pigment has a life of its own, for each nuance in shape is original and complex; with no goal or intention, its journey relies on gravity and water to drive the result. Each drop disperses in different directions seeking a solid base, yet in the end it always fails to maintain its physical integrity, instead becoming a virus that infects the water with dispersed pigment. The pure clean transparent water becomes a dark reflection of the artist’s intent.

Dmitry Morozov was born in Stavropol, Russia. He fled to Israel during the collapse of the Soviet Union then immigrated to Montreal and eventually put down roots in the United States. Morozov studied at Carver Center for Arts and Technology and received a BFA in painting at the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Art. After winning the Art Gold Key at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in 2004, his piece “My Serenity” was selected for the Carnegie Hall Permanent collection. Morozov was a painting finalist at the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts ¬†ARTS AWARDS and in 2004 he received the Maryland Distinguished Scholar Award. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.